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 Japanese Title: Plan To Exterminate The Saiyans

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MensagemAssunto: Japanese Title: Plan To Exterminate The Saiyans   Sab Dez 22, 2007 9:59 am

Japanese Title: Plan To Exterminate The Saiyans
OVA #1:

For those who are curious why this went up in the movie section, this is considered the illegitimate long lost movie of DragonBall Z that everyone had been talking about for many years.

It is another peaceful day on Earth and Goku is out exercising while Gohan gets some firewood before breakfast. Gohan realizes that the forest has been withering away little by little. Just then, Mr. Popo comes down from the sky to inform Goku and Gohan that a terrible gas is killing all the life on the earth.

Goku and Gohan go off to ask Bulma if there is a way to stop the Destron Gas. Unfortunately, Bulma and her father do not have the answer and Goku then asks Popo where the gases were being released from. Popo gives them four locations where the generators are. Goku and Gohan decide to break up into two groups to stop this threat.

Just then, a familiar ally comes along in the form of Piccolo. Unfortunately, right when the Z fighters have decided what generators they are going to go destroy, some weird demons come along and start to fight the gang.

As the fight progresses Goku learns that him and the others cannot use their ki attacks due to the gas. The monsters eventually get defeated and the Z fighters begin their quest.

I won't spoil what happens here since many of the fights are good and funny. Eventually the Z fighters all meet up at the second to last generator and get ambushed by dozens of demons, this time though Vegeta and Trunks save the group and it's time for them to go off and stop the last generator. At the last generator the gang is about to destroy the last generator when Frieza, Cooler, Turlus, and Lord Slug all show up.

I know what you're thinking that they're all dead but thanks to some help from King Kai we learn that Frieza and the others are really Ghost Warriors and the fighters are able to make them vanish. We then also learn that a man called Dr. Raichi sent the Ghost Warriors and demons to attack them and is on a planet called "Dark Planet".

Well the Z fighters then decide that they must stop Dr. Raichi at all costs and begin to head off.

OVA #2:

In the continuation to the first Act, the Z fighters are on a spaceship to stop Raichi from completing his master plan. Along the way the spaceship gets caught in a gravity hole and they all eventually make a crash landing on the Dark Planet.

From here on in the Z fighters do combat with a robot that Goku takes basically seconds to defeat. Finally, after a long trip the Z fighters make it to the center of the base and face off against Dr. Raichi and we learn that he too is a ghost warrior.

Warning the next part contains major spoilers on the films since this movie is very rare to find!

The Z fighters begin their battle with Dr. Raichi who only wishes to destroy the Saiyans for the mere fact that they killed him and his race.

Dr. Raichi's only attack is a barrier and Vegeta, yes Vegeta, kills him with an energy blast. The credits role and right about 30 seconds into the credits Dr. Raichi rematerializes - apparently he is a ghost warrior - but Vegeta kills him again.

Just then, a weird occurrence happens and the super computer that was collecting all the hate energy toward the Saiyans materializes into a being of mass power. Apparently, the hate that Dr. Raichi had was so great it caused the computer to become alive and ironically it is 10x stronger than Brolly was. Because Goku makes this comment it is quite apparent that this was intended to be a movie since Brolly only exist as a character within the DBZ films. From this point on the super computer known as Hatchiyack gives all the Z fighters a major beating.

Luckily, after about 15 minutes of getting beaten to a pulp, Goku learns that Hatchiyack has a weakness that can be used against him. Apparently, Hatchiyack only fires his energy blast after 15 seconds, so Goku starts to power up his Kamehameha while the others power up their final attacks and fire all their attacks at the count of 15.

With Hatchiyack finally defeated, the last of the destron generators on Earth disappears and the Earth is saved from this terrible threat.

Now Goku and Gohan can look forward to having their lunch!


Overall, this OVA is really a movie and falls under this classification. The action in the film is really intense and by far the most brutal out of all the DBZ films.

Another great thing about this movie is that we finally have an original music score in which none of the music from the show is recycled. To top it off the sound track is great and the music fits well with the film.

The animation, however, is a little downgraded, but it could be the fact that this is a rare movie and the quality of the tape was not that great. The plot is pretty good and the idea behind Hatchiyack was apparently very well thought out.

So if you happen to see this movie for sale it usually goes under the Name DBZ OVAs or DBZ: Plan To Exterminate The Saiyans. You will definitely want to buy this one.

On a side note this movie will not be released domestically so the only means for getting it is via fan sub.

Hatchiyack e 2 vezes mais forte ke broly
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Japanese Title: Plan To Exterminate The Saiyans   Sab Dez 22, 2007 10:03 am

por favor... n é que eu n perceba mas é melhor traduzir Very Happy
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Japanese Title: Plan To Exterminate The Saiyans
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